Autor - 4you feat. Wallber Pinheiro

Názov: 4you feat. Wallber Pinheiro 4you feat. Wallber Pinheiro
Typ: Producent
Štát: Slovakia Brazil
Dátum registrácie: Oct 8, 2013
DJ and Music Producer in the electronic component Wallber Pinheiro, start producing electronic music at age 18, but had not yet been officially released as a music producer in the market , his career was officially launched in 2012 with the track " Air " sold today with a contract with the label Karma Records in iTunes . Then came releasing several tracks for free downloads coming in and coming playslist various djs , many songs has been released through her ​​channel on a social network for musicians and producers where we can check up on soundcloud today . Born in Bethlehem capital of Pará , Brazil , the passion for this style came through their electronic cousins ​​listening style psy , trance and dance . Thanks to this influence , deepened in not only listen , but also to produce electronic music , began research on music theory , editing programs , programs for music production and through the dedication the fruits of their study are appearing even a producer Dj and very young , but has great potential shows us many good songs in the future.
2013 - The Various Genres Vol.9 EP 2013
2013 - The October Releases EP 2013
2014 - The Best of Semitrance Records 2013 (Various Genres)
2015 - Vocal Tracks Vol.2
2016 - The Future Sound of City Bass, Vol.2
Zoznam skladieb:
2016 - Deep Love (Reggae Dubstep Mix)
2013 - Deep Love (Electro House)
2013 - Deep Love (Reggae Dubstep)