Autor - Amen B & Sulex

Názov: Amen B & Sulex Amen B & Sulex
Typ: Producent
Štát: Slovakia Slovakia
Dátum registrácie: Mar 17, 2014
Štýl: Electro House, Chillhouse, Drum & Bass
Amen B is a producer and DJ coming from Zilina (The Slovak Republic), moving on the boundary between progressive-trance-house. Having devoted himself to music since 2003, in cooperation with DJ Beast (The DJ coming from Martin, Slovakia), he created a musical formation The Amen Brothers in that year. Sulex is a dnb producer comming from Slovakia, borned in Lucenec. He started in 2010 with liquidfunk, but during the 3 years try to make some different subgenres of Drum & Bass as neuro, tech-step, atmospheric, but like to make some experimental music, still experimenting. His main aim is improve the sound, charm the people, and change look on the music.
2014 - The February Releases EP 2014
2014 - The Various Genres Vol.7 EP 2014
2016 - The Future Sound of City Bass, Vol.2
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2016 - Final Destination (Original Mix)
2014 - Final Destination (Original Mix)
2014 - When You Wish Upon a Star (Original Mix)