Autor - Amen B & Jeffron Vox feat. Angel Falls

Názov: Amen B & Jeffron Vox feat. Angel Falls Amen B & Jeffron Vox feat. Angel Falls
Typ: Producent
Štát: Slovakia Poland
Dátum registrácie: Oct 26, 2014
Štýl: Chillhouse
Amen B is a producer and DJ coming from Zilina (The Slovak Republic), moving on the boundary between progressive-trance-house. Having devoted himself to music since 2003, in cooperation with DJ Beast (The DJ coming from Martin, Slovakia), he created a musical formation The Amen Brothers in that year. Jeffron Vox started playing the piano very early. In 2011, he got to know to many different musical genres, especially electronic music became one of his favorites. Later on, in 2012, he began making own sounds and melodies with the computer. Over the time, he had made more than 50 songs of different styles and genres. At the moment, Jeffron Vox releases one song per month. Angel Falls is a vocalist of trance, chillout, house, pop, rock, songwriter, composer.
2014 - The September Releases EP 2014
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2015 - Vocal Tracks Vol.1
2015 - The Various Genres 2015, Vol.5
2015 - Top 50 Ibiza Hits 2015
2015 - The Best of 4Beat Records 2015 (Chill & Lounge)
2016 - Ibiza Beach Tunes 2016
2016 - The Ministry of Vocal House Traxx, Vol.1
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