Autor - DJ VR

Názov: DJ VR DJ VR
Typ: Producent
Štát: Slovakia India
Dátum registrácie: Oct 22, 2017
Štýl: Progressive House
My Name is VR. I'm from India, I began my career as a dj 5 years ago. I played in the local clubs and the crowd were more energised by the track i choose to play, so i decided to became a dj and then as the years went by, I also learn Music Production on my own and later on i got many opportunities in different clubs in Mumbai. My favourite Genre's are Electro House, Progressive House, Deep House, Tech House and Future House. My goal is to make and play music which makes crowds feet dance and reach in the top 100 DJ Mag. As the energy and excitement i have seen in the crowd when they hear an EDM music, thats where i wanted to be the part of this big culture of the music called EDM. Music is only love i have and i always will. I will make Club music till i find that one track which will make every single person in the club dance.
2016 - The September Releases 2016
2016 - Miami Beach Dance Anthems, Vol.1
Zoznam skladieb:
2016 - Cornet (Original Mix)
2016 - Rave Love (Original Mix)