Autor - Neo

Názov: Neo Neo
Typ: Producent
Štát: Slovakia Malaysia
Dátum registrácie: Oct 22, 2017
Štýl: Progressive Trance
With Kuala Lumpur as his home bass, Dj Neo has quickly taken hold of the club scene with his musical expression and secured reputation across Malaysia as one of the most talented Male Dj's on the circuit. His creative energy and attention to each night's mood has proven to be winning formula. He start to Dj since 2014 and played many gig in Kuala Lumpur, Pulau Pinang and Melaka. From opening set for world class DJ such as LOSTLY, INDECENT NOISE, STANDERWICK and ALEX DI STEFANO at iN TOUCH KUALA LUMPUR and to closing a night for Trance , such as BRYAN KEARNEY, CHRISTINA NOUVELLI, ALEXANDER BERGHEAU, REORDER and Mr Pure Trance RICH SOLARSTONE at UNIX SOUND OF ASIA. Neo gambling their passion in this industry to become one of the best in for worldwide scene. Throughtout Malaysia and beyond, venue has become home to Neo's prowess and the demand for his sets keep his diary locked into tight schedule. His skill to a packed house allowing crowd of hundred to be swept up his grooves while drawing on his own skill to lay down the direction for every show. Each performance always unique. Always uplifting and kill and also Is a proud to Mashbuk release a new tune, this time by Neo a new artist. Eclipse is going to Trembles the dancefloor of Trance to hit full force. Neo displays sheer power alongside massive amounts of energy.
2016 - Miami Beach Dance Anthems, Vol.2
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2016 - Scream Out (Original Mix)